Synchrometer Manual laboratory

Livre "Syncrometer Science Laboratory Manual" Par la Doctoresse Hulda Regehr Clark, Version anglaise/ ou française
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Dédicace en anglais Dedication To my parents, Jacob Peter Regehr and Maria Loewen Regehr who fled Russia during the Russian revolution. Arriving in Canada in 1926, their economic hopes were high but were soon dashed by the Great Depression. Yet their cultural standards endured, namely education and achievement. Mealtime was the opportunity and sounding board for new ideas. My father regularly discussed his latest inventions, asking for input by any of his young children. My mother encouraged and praised his ideas and achievements. She reiterated, almost daily, the importance of education. And so these parents, despite abject poverty, and many years on Relief, raised a family of five children, all of whom would graduate from college. They showed me that the joy of imagination, creativity and plain work can surmount extreme stress and pain in life’s circumstances, in much the same way as religion and philosophy have over the course of human history. They also treasured music and any kind of intellectual activity. Their teaching and example were my priceless heritage. And In fond memory of Shane, a man in his early twenties who never smoked yet was dying of lung cancer. Help was too late. He leaves with us his thoughts and feelings through his art and poem below: And To Mary L. Austin, Ph.D., research geneticist, who could think independently, when those all around listened to authorities. She encouraged me to believe what I saw, more than what others said I saw.
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